6 Potential Destinations for Amari Cooper in Free Agency

6 Potential Destinations for Amari Cooper in Free Agency

6 Potential Destinations for Amari Cooper in Free Agency

6 Potential Destinations for Amari Cooper in Free Agency

Travis March 3, 2020
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6 Potential Destinations for Amari Cooper in Free Agency

Amari Cooper is one of the top free agents that’ll be on the market come March 13th. Cooper was the number four pick for the Oakland Raiders in 2015 and he was the fourth overall. After reaching the Pro Bowl the first couple of seasons, 2017 wasn’t a wonderful year. In 2018, Cooper was traded to the Dallas Cowboys before the trade deadline. Cooper soared in the Cowboys’ offense and basically turned the entire team around. Dallas eventually finished atop of the NFC East that season. In 2019, Cooper enjoyed another great season with the Cowboys and earning his fourth Pro Bowl appearance in five years. Dallas had a dilemma with Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper wanting new contracts. Elliott eventually got his after sitting out, Dak is still trying to get his and now we have Cooper. Will Dallas resign him, or will he play elsewhere?


Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has a lot of cap space heading into free agency. The problem is that they have a lot of pieces they would like to take care of and keep. The first being Dak Prescott and they could eventually use the franchise tag. The franchise tag would be used while still working on a long-term deal. As far as Amari Cooper is concerned, there are reports saying talks are going well. Until something is sign, anyone could swoop in and offer Cooper more money to lure him away from Dallas. It seemed like Cooper enjoyed his time in Dallas, so it seems like this is the favorite to sign him.


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are definitely in the running for a playmaker at the wide receiver position. There are rumors that Alshon Jeffery will most likely not be in an Eagles uniform next season. Last season, with injuries to Jeffery and Desean Jackson, Philadelphia dug into their practice squad. Nelson Agholor is also a free agent and won’t be back next season also. Desean Jackson should be healthy next season, but he’s getting up there in age also. Seeing how Cooper has torched the Eagles since joining the Cowboys, Philly will probably do everything to keep him away from Dallas.


Arizona Cardinals

We know that Kyler Murray will be a problem for the league for years to come. Larry Fitzgerald will not play forever, and the Cardinals will need to find his replacement. Amari Cooper will turn 26 in June, which means he’s young and also help Murray with his development. If the Cardinals aren’t looking at the NFL Draft for a top receiver, Cooper could be the perfect answer. If you put Amari Cooper with Christian Kirk, you’ll have a great 1-2 combination for the next few years. Will Arizona look to spend the kind of money Amari Cooper would command?


Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are trending in the right direction after the making the playoffs last season. Josh Allen is becoming one of the more promising, young quarterbacks in the NFL. Allen could use an All-Pro receiver to help him develop into a better passer. If Buffalo were to combine Amari Cooper with Cole Beasley, this would make a dynamic duo. The Bills already have one of the better defenses in the league heading into free agency. The running game of the Bills continued to improve into the playoffs. If the Bills were to add Amari Cooper, you would have to think they’d be favorites to win the AFC East.


Denver Broncos

It seems like the Denver Broncos have finally found their quarterback of the future in Drew Lock. The emergence of Lock is definitely a breath of fresh air for the Broncos organization. Courtland Sutton has become one of the better receivers in the league. If the Broncos are able to pair Sutton with Amari Cooper, the Broncos future would look bright. The Broncos defense is still one of the better ones in the league, but they may lose Chris Harris Jr. Either way, if the Broncos can somehow add Cooper it would definitely help out this franchise. For Cooper, this could somewhat interest him as he would face the Raiders twice a year.

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