5 Potential Landing Spots for Philip Rivers

5 Potential Landing Spots for Philip Rivers

5 Potential Landing Spots for Philip Rivers

5 Potential Landing Spots for Philip Rivers

Travis February 15, 2020
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5 Potential Landing Spots for Philip Rivers

Drew Brees and Tom Brady are probably the most talked about names heading into free agency. Deservedly so, they are two future hall-of-famers and arguably in the conversation as the greatest ever. Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers agreed to mutually part ways making him a free agent. Rivers has since moved his family to Florida and said that he’s planning on playing next season. With that said, does Philip Rivers have enough in him to help another team? Where are some potential landing spots for Philip Rivers?

Indianapolis Colts

For me, I’m still a believer when it comes to Jacoby Brissett being the starter for Indianapolis. Brissett signed a 2-year deal after the abrupt retirement of Andrew Luck. Unfortunately, the Colts didn’t make the playoffs, and many think an upgrade at the quarterback position will help. The Colts had an injury plagued season and the organization may think Philip Rivers could boost this team. Indianapolis is in a division with Houston and Tennessee. The division is one of the best in the league and the addition of Rivers could bring new swag to the team. The Colts have a substantial number of weapons on offense to go along with a great offensive line. Would the Colts challenge for the division title with the addition of Philip Rivers?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers had an amazing season on the offensive end of things. Jameis Winston threw for 5,000 yards, 30 TDs and also that came with 30 interceptions. Tampa Bay Coach Bruce Arians stated that the team could win with another quarterback. Those sentiments have led many to believe that Jameis Winston’s days are numbered in Tampa Bay. With Philip Rivers moving to Florida, could Tampa Bay be in his future? The Buccaneers have a plethora of weapons at receivers and a decent offensive line. The question for Tampa Bay to answer is, would Philip Rivers be much of an upgrade over Jameis Winston? If they bring in Rivers, would they draft another quarterback for their future?

Tennessee Titans

This can only happen if the Titans were to if Ryan Tannehill go. The Titans will probably see if they can get Tannehill stay with a long term deal. Tennessee could also put the franchise tag on Tannehill and see how things go next season. If the two can’t come up with a deal, Philip Rivers could be a nice replacement. The Titans could bring Rivers in on a one or two year deal and look for a future QB in the draft. Tennessee was one game away from reaching Super Bowl LIV. With a great defense, offense and one of the best running backs in the league, could Tennessee make another run? Could Philip Rivers go to the Titans and finally reach the Super Bowl?

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears will look to bring in a veteran to challenge Mitchell Trubisky. Mitchell Trubisky was a Pro Bowler two years ago, but he regressed last year. The Bears have a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. We all know that the defense is still one of the better ones in the league. Philip Rivers could be that veteran the Bears decide to bring in. Chicago is wanting a quarterback that loves to get the ball downfield to their playmakers. Philip Rivers is known for his ability to get the ball down field. The question for the Bears is, would they want to jeopardize their future in Trubisky for Rivers? For me, the play calling was one of the issues with the Bears last season. I’m saying no on the idea of bringing Philip Rivers to the Bears, but some may like it.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers just hired a new coach and they’ll be without key veterans next season. Luke Kuechly retired due to injury and Greg Olson will not be a part of the team moving forward. Of course, all of this hinders on the health of Cam Newton. If Newton is healthy, you would think that the team would do everything they can to bring him back. Would Cam Newton like to return to the Carolina Panthers? Whoever will be the quarterback next season, they’ll have one of the best running backs in the league. Christian McCaffrey will be a great sell to anyone, but would Philip Rivers want to go to Carolina? Philip Rivers played his college ball at N.C. State. Would Rivers be open to playing for a college coach and an organization with a lot of uncertainty?


Where do you see Philip Rivers playing next season? Where would you like to see Philip Rivers play next season? Leave some feedback below about Philip River’s impending free agency.

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